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Message from Chief & Council

Our community engagement portal was developed in order that we can keep you informed and get your comments on any proposed government action or decision that may affect our Treaty or Aboriginal rights. We believe this app will be an effective communication tool to reach members who live or work away from the Reserve, as well as for members who may be unable to attend meetings in our community.

Your input and participation is extremely important. The comments you provide will help us determine how a government decision or action may affect your Aboriginal or Treaty rights and provide us with the necessary information we need to eliminate or minimize any potential adverse impacts to your rights.

Although the consultation website was developed mainly for the purpose of enabling community participation in Crown consultations on government proposals, it will also be used to seek your input on our own Community Plans and Initiatives.

Please complete the registration process and log in to learn more. Thank you for your participation and contribution.

Chief David Crate, CM
Councillor Darrell Thaddeus
Councillor Hillary Murdock
Councillor Carl Cochrane
Councillor Cory Murdock
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Manitoba First Nations win lawsuit to stop

Four Manitoba First Nations have won an injunction to stop the provinceΒ from continuing construction on
August 28, 2020